All the fruit vitamins in a juice


We don’t use any conservation process for a premium product as the ultra-fresh juice.

Our ultra-fresh juices bring you as many vitamins C as a minute squeezed juice. Matched with a delicious jam or a tasty honey, our ultra-fresh juices help you to have a clean start.

According to the varieties of oranges that our teams select and mix, we propose you more or less sweet juices, tart, colored or with or without pulp.

Our patented extraction technology guarantees a fresh and high constant quality product for 14 days.

Please remember to keep our ultra-fresh juices cool.


Pure squeezed juices

Our pure squeezed juices give you a high quality by processing the way we make our ultra-fresh juices. There is no-added sugar and no food additive.

In order to respect the seasons of the fruit, Kookabarra and its teams have developed a “fast-frozen” process on a part of the ultra-fresh production.

Kookabarra s’est dotée d’un outil performant de congélation garantissant aux jus de garder fraîcheur et saveur.

Nous vous invitons à découvrir nos différents purs jus pressés :

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Our range


Nos jus ultra frais, comme leur nom l’indique, se conservent au frais entre 0 et +4°C.

Pure squeezed juices

Parfaits pour le petit-déjeuner ou pour les pauses fraicheurs.